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Allbrands is a major supplier of commercial filtration and pumping equipment to the Aquatic Industry. The Allbrands team represents over forty years experience in the electrical field, specialising in commercial and domestic pumps, and a similar period in aquaculture research with the CSIRO laboratories. We can advise on the setup and installation of your system and assist you with ongoing maintenance programs to help you achieve the most profitable results.

Allbrands Aquatics offers the full spectrum of consultancy services from Aquaculture site assessment to project design and planning. For more than 20 years the Allbrands team of technology and aquatic experts has been providing research and development, professional consulting and outsourcing services for aqua farming in numerous locations in Queensland.


Providing a complete package from business development concept through system and production line engineering design and set-up, operation and maintenance, Allbrands Aquatics establishes a truly integrated approach for your business success. Healthy environmental conditions, including water drainage, waste management, aeration, and Ph stability are the keys to a successful extensive aquatic project.

Over the years Allbrands has assisted countless clients in setting up successful projects. While the technical requirements for extensive aqua farming are less demanding, extensive aqua farming needs require customized equipment for aeration, fish elevation, vacuum pumps, and more. Allbrands are a professional company that is capable of delivering the full range of services and equipment needed for implementing an aquaculture project. 




Provide in-depth training courses to project staff for management and operation of facility. Reach facility operational status.


Support service and remote problem solving. Routine site visits with additional visits by request.


We are committed to your success by sharing over 20 years of our experience together with a select team of devoted experts in the field of aquaculture.


We can supply a variety of commercial aquaculture pumps including both ISO pumps and engine driven pumps.


Allbrands can advise on, source and install commercial, high volume sand and multi-cyclone filtration systems.


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